Uncategorized September 8, 2015

More Than Movies: What Makes The Grand Cinema Special


I have some history with The Grand Cinema. I have fond memories of walking from my apartment in Stadium, through Wright Park, down the hill to Corina Bakery located right next door to get a coffee and snack before beginning my volunteer shifts. While volunteering at The Grand Cinema I met people in my community and made friends. This theater is very special to me and if you go see for yourself, I am sure it will quickly become one of your favorites as well.

Here are some of the things that make the Grand Cinema Magical!

1. The Grand Cinema is not your typical movie theater. They play documentaries, local, independent and foreign films. I saw my first foreign film at The Grand. You will see fantastic movies here that do not get played in mainstream theatres! Do you like to discuss movies after you watch them? Attend one of The Grand's post film discussions that take place in the community area downstairs after certain movies. As a volunteer, I loved to ask people what they were there to see when they arrived and what they thought of the movie as they exited the theatre. You will frequently hear members and volunteers discussing movies in the lobby.

2. The people that dish up your popcorn, pour your soda and grab your snacks are all volunteers. When you start going to The Grand you will recognize the staff and volunteers; they care about this place immensely and want you to enjoy your time at the cinema. Want to volunteer? Besides making new friends, perks of volunteering include free movies before and after your shift, free popcorn and soda before, during, and after your shift, and a free movie pass to take with you when you are done! If you didn't know, The Grand is known for serving the tastiest popcorn in town! Seriously. 

3. The Grand does more than play films, they also put on tons of fun events and programs! Some of my personal favorites include The Academy Awards Viewing Party, The Tacoma Film Festival, The Tacoma Pride Series andThe 253-Second Viewing Party. For kids, they have Tacoma Film Camp and Click! Family Flicks. 

Going to The Grand is truly a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. Become a member today and find out why this place ruined the experience of mainstream movie theatres for me, forever. 

Check out their website for showtimes, events, membership benefits, and volunteer info: