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Buying Real Estate Buyer Negotiation Tactics, Pt 1: How Many Negotiation Stages are there in the Home Buying Process? When people think about negotiating in Real Estate, what usually comes to their mind is making the initial offer. Some people don’t realize that there are many opportunities to negotiate during the home buying process! Depending on the home and the circumstances my advice on strategy will differ. Sometimes it is more appropriate to save […]
Buying Real Estate The Psychology of Real Estate: Pt 5- Buyer Survival Guide! Buying a house is exciting, but it can be stressful! Especially for my fellow planners, and worst case scenario thinkers. The good thing is you can prepare and plan to a certain extent around your home purchase. The process will be much smoother if you gather some practical tools before you begin! Here are some […]
Buying Real Estate 5 Reasons You Might Not Want to Buy a House Right Now   Working as a Real Estate Agent, I frequently see ads that say things like, YOU ARE THROWING AWAY YOUR MONEY IF YOU RENT! BUY NOW! The majority of these ads claim that now is the time to buy (always), and that if you don’t purchase a home, you are ultimately throwing away your money […]
Buying Real Estate Why Does a Seller Care What Type of Loan I Use? Why does my loan type matter to a seller? Loan types you typically see are Conventional, FHA, and VA. Each have their own set of benefits for buyers, but why does a seller care what type of loan a buyer is using? One of the main reasons a seller might favor one offer over another […]
Buying Real Estate Why Does a Seller Care If I’m Using Cash or a Loan to Buy Their House? When I first sit down with people to help them understand the home-buying process, prepping them for the journey ahead, one of the topics I dive into is why a seller cares where the funds to buy the home are coming from. In the end they get paid the same, regardless of where it comes […]
Buying Real Estate Invitation to Discrimination: “Love Letters” and Fair Housing   The real estate market in Tacoma, the past couple of years especially, has been difficult for buyers. There are multiple offers, low inventory, and folks with cash, eliminating the seller’s need to accept an offer from buyer using traditional financing, which requires additional steps like an appraisal. While representing a buyer, it is my […]
Buying Real Estate It Costs You Nothing! And Other Reasons You Want A Buyer’s Agent You have the Redfin and Zillow App, and your financing terms are set and ready to go. Why get a Realtor? There are numerous benefits that come from having a buyer’s agent!  First off, buying a house is complicated and can be overwhelming.  A buyer’s agent can keep you organized and be there to answer all of […]
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