MinimalismUncategorized October 21, 2015

How Exactly Does A Minimalist Sell Real Estate?

About a year ago I became interested in creating a minimalist lifestyle.

I started to question what I owned, and what I wanted versus what I needed.

I have noticed the philosophy that I live by at home transfers into the way I do business.

How exactly does a minimalist sell real estate?

Unfortunately, housing is not free.

We live in a society where we need money to have shelter.

I am in a business that provides something of value.

I am not selling you stuff you do not need! 

I am much happier focusing on quality of business versus quantity.

Having clients that I click with and who like me is super important. 

Creating meaningful-relationships with the people I work with and for provides me with a greater sense of job satisfaction and accomplishment.

I want clients that want to work with me because they can see the value I bring to them.

We all like to feel valued, right?

Being newer to the industry doesn’t have to be a detriment to your clients.

I have the opportunity to collaborate with successful, more experienced agents while bringing a forward-thinking, fresh energy to those I work for and with.

Being newer to real estate does not have to be a dirty secret!

The real estate business is always changing, which is what attracts so many of us to this job; we are always learning and adapting! 

Life isn’t all about owning a huge, fancy house, is it?

What type of lifestyle do you want to live? Most of my clients don’t want to buy a house at the very top of their budget. They want to figure out what monthly payment they are comfortable with, that will allow them to spend less of their money on housing. 

 What other values do you hold? Do you want to be able to give back to your community? Take vacations? Contribute to your retirement and savings? These are important things to ask yourself during your path to homeownership. 

Selling real estate isn’t solely about the houses or the mechanics of the process. It is about the people; the relationships you make and thinking of ways to create a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for you and your clients.