Uncategorized August 11, 2015

What the Heck Do Real Estate Agents Do All Day?

When I decided to start a business in real estate, I thought my life was about to become extra glamorous. Touring houses, marketing my business, attending fancy conferences, dreaming up my personal brand, blogging… I was READY. 

Little did I know what my day-to-day would actually be like… 

Most people think real estate agents just look at houses all day long. This is not the case! We do have Brokers Tour every week after our weekly sales meeting, which allows all of us realtors to view houses during a certain block of time. During tour we give feedback on the houses we see, eat free snacks, and network with one another. We do tour homes with our buyers and check the MLS daily to keep updated on new houses, price reductions, sold homes and expired listings. 

The biggest part of our job though, is to solve problems. 

Real estate transactions are full of problem-solving opportunities! They also involve many different people. Typically, there is the listing agent, buyers agent, lender, title and escrow, inspectors and of course, the buyer and seller. Communication is key. In the beginning, we are mostly looking at houses but after our clients find the house they have been searching for, the real work begins! Strict deadlines, many, many phone calls, answering questions, scheduling and attending inspections, negotiations, detailed paperwork and creative problem solving are some of the tasks that keep us busy and earn us our commission in the end.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those afternoons that feel magical and make the difficult parts of the job worth it. Those Instagram moments; the days where I get view a home that really stands out or I get a couple of hours to work on a fun project like drafting a blog or video, or brainstorming ideas to make my business more fun and unique. Those days where a transaction closes, and you are left with happy clients and a job well-done. 

There is much more to real estate than what you see on HGTV or in the movies!